Update Bundle 4


This is Update Bundle 4 available for the introupe system. This will update introupe from v2.3.x (2010) to v2.4.

It is highly recommended to install this update even if you do not experience any of the problems stated below.

This update contains the following changes:


We are in the process of developing introupe to be platform independent. This was going to be the next major release (v3.0) but unfortunately we were encountering various issues which were creating major delays. Therefore, we have decided to release v2.4 which contains various new features and bug fixes which were going to be released in v3.0.


It is our intention to aim towards creating a modules store where you can browse available modules, purchase them, and install them. These modules may be ones created by ourselves or 3rd parties.


The licensing of introupe is to change shortly so that you can purchase a perpetual license instead of a yearly renewable one. This perpetual license will entitle you to free updates for 2 years. After which the product will continue to function but updates will be prevented from being installed. However, you can purchase a yearly support license which would entitle you to continue to receive updates and support.


In order for you to receive updates in a timely manner our next intention is to create a new update mechanism where you will be able to browse and download updates from within introupe itself

Menu Bar

Now that more modules are emerging, and many in development, we have had to improve how modules are displayed on the menu bar as you could not have an infinite number being displayed. Therefore there is now an additional drop down menu. In the administration section you can now specify which modules should appear in the menu bar and which should appear in the drop down menu. The mostly used modules should be placed in the menu bar with the least used in the drop down menu.

If after installing this update the drop down menu is transparent then please go in to the Site Theme page and re-apply the theme. After that you will probably need to refresh your browser and the menu will be visible.


The configuration of emailing from the introupe system has been drastically improved. Previously introupe was reliant on you configuring PHP to allow emailing but now we have replaced this functionality and brought it into the management of introupe. To configure the SMTP settings go to SMTP in the administration section. These will be the global settings for any module needing to send an email.

CMS Module

The CMS module has undergone major changes. The new version contains:

The last item on the list is probably the one change you will notice most as you can edit articles considerably easier than previous. On each article there will be tabs at the top right hand corner allowing you to edit the article, its properties, and manage attachments.

To create a new article there is a new link in the CMS menu. Clicking this link will pop up a dialog prompting you for the name of the new article. The new mechanism implemented to support uploading large files relies exclusively on advanced HTML5 file features. Therefore only compatible web browsers will support uploading files.

Calendar Module

The calendar module has undergone various changes. Below is a list of these changes:

Notes Here are some notes about the changes which you should be aware of:


This release of introupe is an intermediate release of where we want to take the product. This release contains the following changes which developers should be aware of:

As mentioned earlier in this document it is our intention to create a modules store where you can upload your modules for all of introupe’s customers to purchase.

We are also looking to create a developers area on our website to aid your development of modules for introupe. This will include an SDK which will include an editor with code insight and autocomplete, example code, tutorials, help files, etc.

The Future

We have numerous modules currently in development which should be making an appearance soon but these are heavily linked with releasing an SDK for developing modules for introupe. As introupe uses PHP the process of developing PHP extensions can be problematic, and so far we have a major issue which is holding up the release of this SDK, which was supposed to be released jointly with v3.0 of introupe.

Full List of Changes


Download Update

  1. Click the 'Download Update' link above.
  2. Accept the license agreement and the download will start.
  4. Run the update on the server. It will not work otherwise.
  5. Finished

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